move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Sat Oct 21 23:23:05 BST 2006

On za, 2006-10-21 at 23:45 +0200, Samir van de Sand wrote:

> Why not move the Ubuntu channels to Jabber?

Because moving a 1000+ user community is not a fun thing to do

> * From the rational point this is a better solution, because you can
> use your existing IM program like Gaim and Kopete to connect to the
> chat channels.

Gaim does IRC to. So do many other clients.

> * Ubuntu as a free distribution should support the spreading of open
> and standardized protocols in the IM world.

IRC is open as well.

Moving creates confusion, not many jabber servers I've seen support
1000-user mucs and the xml protocol is a lot of overhead, especially for
such large rooms. Many people currently use xchat, irssi, konversation
and other IRC specific clients. Your proposal would force them to change

In short: I think the proposal is not worth the effort it will take to
implement (or even think about).
Dennis K.

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
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