move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?

David Balazic David.Balazic at
Mon Oct 23 09:51:58 BST 2006

(I merged several replies into one message, to reduce noise)

Matthew Garrett wrote :
> > Yeah, I'm aware of this issue, but somewhere back in history IRC
> > wasn't well known too and at some point the people noticed that IRC
> > was just better than the existing way to do that and so it became
> > popular and like this happened to IRC back then now, it's time for
> > Jabber.
> Before IRC, there was, well, nothing widely used. 

There was "talk" ;-)
Jerry Haltom wrote :
> I will be for this position, like most positions, when the benefits
> outweigh the downsides.  Right now I see too many downsides.
> 1) You don't have to DO ANYTHING to get on IRC, just open a client. On
> Jabber you need to setup or find a server and register with it.

You need a server (address) for IRC too.

Sami Haahtinen wrote:

> I would bring jabber in as part of launchpad. Think about it, per team
> chatrooms, live bug notifications. 
> Stretching further would be to chat within a bug if more than one
> is online, chat log would be stored within the bug report.

This all can also be (and is*) done with IRC.

There is nothing wrong with jabber. It's just that nothing real is
by moving, except for the (possibly) large effort.

* - maybe not for Ubuntu, but others do this

There is IMO only one big problem with IRC (in general, not Ubuntu
No clear standard on character encoding.


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