Introducing automatic crash reporting in Edgy

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Oct 19 08:40:52 BST 2006

Hi Sivan,

Sivan Green [2006-10-19  3:17 +0200]:
> Would it be too complicated to help this happen on the users
> (or in that sense, community "tester") machine until we get
> this Launchpad service sorted? We could add some help on the
> UI to suggest the user to install the matching needed ddebs,
> and then retrace the core file, and offer this output to
> Malone.

Not sure whether you saw this:

So getting the ddebs is really easy now.

I wouldn't like to add any such specifics to apport-gtk itself. The
UI should be as easy as possible, and a user should not be required to
do any such stuff. 

However, my TODO list still has an item about writing a wiki page
about all of apport, debug symbols, etc., which should be useful for
bug triagers and devleopers.

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