Introducing automatic crash reporting in Edgy

Sivan Greenberg sivan at
Thu Oct 19 11:01:52 BST 2006

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Not sure whether you saw this:

Ah doh. I had missed that, thanks.

> So getting the ddebs is really easy now.
> I wouldn't like to add any such specifics to apport-gtk itself. The
> UI should be as easy as possible, and a user should not be required to
> do any such stuff. 

Hmm, but given the -d options it grew it seems that all we need to do 
now is add an by default enabled "[X] Install debug info" and create a 
far better trace for attachment in the bug report check box, and we're 
done. Is it really going to clutter the UI and make it less easy? Maybe, 
if we need to explain the user in detail what is going to happen. IMHO 
it is not.

I believe that users experiencing bugs will be motivated to go through 
the trouble and follow this. After all the more data they provide us, on 
the machine where a crash happened, the sooner and better their bug 
could get solved.



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