Introducing automatic crash reporting in Edgy

Sivan Green sivan at
Thu Oct 19 02:17:13 BST 2006

On 09:26, Mon 14 Aug 06, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Once you have the debug symbols installed on your box, you can flesh
> out the backtraces of an apport report with a tool that is also
> shipped in the apport package:
>   apport-retrace <crash report>
Very cool. 
> In the (distant) future, this process should be automated on some
> Ubuntu server.

Would it be too complicated to help this happen on the users
(or in that sense, community "tester") machine until we get
this Launchpad service sorted? We could add some help on the
UI to suggest the user to install the matching needed ddebs,
and then retrace the core file, and offer this output to



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