New feature specifications: install without configuring the BIOS

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla at
Wed Oct 18 15:04:01 BST 2006

> > 
> > You could modify the Master Boot Record, but that
> is,
> > IMHO, more destructive.
> Why is loadlin no longer an option?

I do not think that is the point. Either Loadlin must
be installed at the Master Boot Record or boot.ini
must be edited and loadlin installed at c: . So the
problems are the same.

Actually instlux uses GRUB4DOS instead of Loadlin,
because for win32 (winxp, win2000, winnt) GRUB4DOS
works pretty well. (I think loadlin won't work, but I
am not 100% sure about that).

However, GRUB4DOS does not work for win16 (win98,
win95), but loadlin does, so instlux does not work
with win98.


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