New feature specifications: install without configuring the BIOS

Alien Technology French at
Wed Oct 18 15:23:00 BST 2006

Just for you attention,

The Mepis and the PCLinuxOS teams met some boot problems of  livecds on 
some bios locked with the System Pre-activation Lock from micosoft that 
comes with now many OEM computers.
Often the mbr is locked and getting in trouble with Grub that cannot be 
installed is the mbr because not write enabled to protect the MS code.
The result of defect booting is to come in a grub black screen because 
the kernel was not found.
Make sure it will be tested on SLP bios before validating.

Today Ubuntu boots most PCs than other distros.

The SLP is not very documented on MS Techsite but there is some 
knowledge to catch.

The brands concerned are Packard Bell, Medion, Gericom, HP and more to 
test (in fact the most are rebranders in "consumer" computer than you 
can buy in supermarket).

Jordi Massaguer a écrit :
>>> You could modify the Master Boot Record, but that
>> is,
>>> IMHO, more destructive.
>> Why is loadlin no longer an option?
> I do not think that is the point. Either Loadlin must
> be installed at the Master Boot Record or boot.ini
> must be edited and loadlin installed at c: . So the
> problems are the same.
> Actually instlux uses GRUB4DOS instead of Loadlin,
> because for win32 (winxp, win2000, winnt) GRUB4DOS
> works pretty well. (I think loadlin won't work, but I
> am not 100% sure about that).
> However, GRUB4DOS does not work for win16 (win98,
> win95), but loadlin does, so instlux does not work
> with win98.
> jordi
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