New feature specifications: install without configuring the BIOS

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla at
Wed Oct 18 09:07:30 BST 2006

 --- Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> escribió:

> On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 04:02:52PM +0200, Jordi
> Massaguer wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > 
> > I just wanted to let you now that two new feature
> > specifications have been added:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Start installation of Ubuntu by inserting the
> Ubuntu
> > CDROM while in Windows, without configuring the
> I like the idea of avoiding this awkward step, but
> when I last looked at
> instlux, it worked by modifying the Windows boot
> process to boot the CD
> instead, and then undoing this afterward.  I don't
> like the idea of
> (potentially destructively) modifying the user's
> Windows configuration in
> order to do it.
> Is there another way?

I guess so :)

You could modify the Master Boot Record, but that is,
IMHO, more destructive.

If you want to modify the primary partition where
windows resides, I understand that you have to boot
with other media, isn't it? So we need to modify the
boot sequence some how.

Another option could be to install an emulator like
qemu or a virtual machine (like vmware), but that will
make Ubuntu depend on Windows and on the emulator or
the virtual machine. And I do not think that is a good
idea either.

Norton Ghost, a backup utility, does some kind of
trick so that, while in windows, it restarts the
machine in FreeDOS. At the documentation it mentions
that it creates a virtual partition with the FreeDOS
OS. That means changing the partition table and the
MBR, as far as I understand. However, it comes to
trouble when there are no primary partitions left.
Moreover, if something goes wrong, you may not be able
to boot your system again. In order to solve that,
they provide you with a 'page' at the installation
wizard where you can create a boot disc.

Any ideas?


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