New feature specifications: install without configuring the BIOS

Alexandre Strube surak at
Tue Oct 17 20:41:32 BST 2006

Em ter, 2006-10-17 às 11:21 -0700, Matt Zimmerman escreveu:

> I like the idea of avoiding this awkward step, but when I last looked at
> instlux, it worked by modifying the Windows boot process to boot the CD
> instead, and then undoing this afterward.  I don't like the idea of
> (potentially destructively) modifying the user's Windows configuration in
> order to do it.

How destructive can this be? It puts some lines on a windows' text file,
boot.ini AFAIR.

Oh, and it defaults to windows boot, so you have to choose install
ubuntu after the boot.

Alexandre Strube
surak at

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