Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy nigde at
Thu Oct 12 18:13:03 BST 2006

t u wrote:
> Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy wrote:
>> If Ubuntu starts shipping epiphany instead of firefox in the default install, I would guess, that more effort would be spent at
>> integrating epiphany into the main desktop and more or less any effort in the same direction regarding firefox will stop. This would
>> be enough reason for me to look for an alternative desktop system, since in addition to a useless default mail client Ubuntu will be
>> shipping a useless browser.

For me, one of the major advantages of Ubuntu is the fact that the generic install gives me a useful desktop system. I can always install an
extra application if I need to, but the more I have to tweak the system after the install, the less of an advantage "complete desktop" becomes.

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