Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

t u towsonu2003 at
Wed Oct 11 22:22:16 BST 2006

Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy wrote:
> If Ubuntu starts shipping epiphany instead of firefox in the default install, I would guess, that more effort would be spent at
> integrating epiphany into the main desktop and more or less any effort in the same direction regarding firefox will stop. This would
> be enough reason for me to look for an alternative desktop system, since in addition to a useless default mail client Ubuntu will be
> shipping a useless browser.

I am not sure if evolution + epiphany to be given out by ubuntu is such
a bad thing. I've got two main points (and four suggestions) for this:
1. throw firefox to universe or multiverse, and people will just apt-get
it and it will not be a headache for the devels anymore. less (read:
almost none) integration of firefox to ubuntu means less need to test it
to see if it breaks ubuntu

2. I stopped using ubuntu's evolution (alarm bug) and firefox
(eliminated pango bug) a year ago. with two simple tweaks to the desktop
(easy to find via ubuntuforums), I managed to get both swiftfox and
mozilla's thunderbird integrated to my desktop. if I want to send
emails, thunderbird opens up automatically. if I click on links,
swiftfox opens up (a new tab or the browser itself) automatically. it's
not very hard (definitely not hard enough to change distros),
considering I've been using linux for maybe 1.5 years now...

My suggestions, if plans go toward putting epiphany (or iceweasel)
instead of firefox, are:

1. make sure there is _only_ *one* *easy* *GUI* way to change the
default preferred application, and it is under Preferences > Preferred
Applications. For firefox, I had to change a couple of symlinks so every
program opens swiftfox. maybe: set *all* programs to open this as the
default browser (example):
~/.my_browser -> /path/to/my/browser
and the symlink is changed using the Preferences > Preferred
Applications dialogue.

2. make sure it is easy to switch between a distro-supplied program and
a self-installed program in that gui. if you think it already is easy,
make it easier ;) heheh

3. add documentation on how to install firefox from mozilla (or from
repositories) to the *offline* documentation.

4. if we go with iceweasel, add a line to iceweasel>help>about that
iceweasel is the same as firefox. and choose an interesting icon (less
globe and more animal) for iceweasel so it attracts attention.

hope this wasn't too long

thanks :)

PS. won't it be harder for the devels to use firefox instead of
iceweasel when debian unstable drops firefox?
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