Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy nigde at
Wed Oct 11 21:49:51 BST 2006

Just to make my position (and I think position of many other people) regarding firefox vs. epiphany.
I personally think that epiphany is nowhere near as useful as firefox.

1. It is a usability nightmare (I would be happy to expand on this off list, since this is OT)
2. It doesn't support firefox extensions (so called epiphany extensions are not cross-platform and they don't do anything useful anyway)
3. Despite all the arguments of epiphany fans, I didn't see any noticeable memory footprint difference or strong integration with GNOME desktop,
which are generally advertised as reasons to choose epiphany over firefox.

If Ubuntu starts shipping epiphany instead of firefox in the default install, I would guess, that more effort would be spent at
integrating epiphany into the main desktop and more or less any effort in the same direction regarding firefox will stop. This would
be enough reason for me to look for an alternative desktop system, since in addition to a useless default mail client Ubuntu will be
shipping a useless browser.

I am sorry for using rather strong epithets. I am not trying to start a flamefest. All I am trying to do is make my opinion known to the development

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> This would certainly be my preferred option also.  If we can't ship
> Firefox under that name in main, I would rather we shipped firefox
> elsewhere for "people who want it", and then chose a better integrated
> browser such as Epiphany as our default.

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