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Thu Nov 30 18:14:55 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-30-11 at 10:43 -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> - building restricted-modules:  looking at the source package for
> linux-restricted-modules it seems as though all that needs to happen to
> let that package build is to change kernel_abi_version.  IS that right?
> And do you have an automated way of doing that and building the linux
> meta packages that install both the image and the restricted modules?
well, it's clearly a bit more complicated than that.  right now if I'm
correct debian/rules will only build the package if headers for all
flavours in an archictecture are present.  Any errors and it misfires.
this makes kernel building somewhat labour intensive (need to build all
kernel flavours + all header flavours then install them then run

At least that's how it appears to me.

> Lots of questions, I know.  Thanks,
> Matt
Matt Price
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University of Toronto
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