suspend2 patches and builds on feisty git

Matt Price matt.price at
Thu Nov 30 15:43:19 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-30-11 at 17:15 +1100, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> Hi.
> Sorry for not continuing the existing thread, but I've only just
> subscribed, after seeing Ben's assertion.
> Suspend2 isn't normally an invasive patch. At the moment it's a little
> more invasive because I'm carrying the addition of linux/freezer.h that
> will go into Linus' tree shortly, so let me prove a diffstat from 2.2.8.

Carrying the conversation over from the old thread, and I guess of some
relevance here:  Nigel's suspend2 patches apply unproblematically to the
ubuntu git tree.  There are a couple of build regressions at USB_ATM,
DAZUKO, and at one other place in the ubuntu added drivers (a sound
card?  I failed to take notes) but they seem to have to do with the
addition of linux/freezer.h and so will probably have to be dealt with
in any case.  Low-latency kernel flavours also fail to build, not sure
why that is yet.  

When compiled in this way the kernels also run well on my laptop
(admittedly not a scientific sample) which also, unfortunately, runs the
hibernate scripts.  

Ben, now that I know that suspend2 applies and builds in the ubuntu
tree, I wonder whether you can say offer some advice on the following

- changing the package name: I guess these packages should be named
something like linux-image-2.6.17-x-suspend2-ubuntux.  Is it sufficient
to change some of the variables in debian/rules or are there other
scripts that place restrictions on what kinds of parameters can be
included in names?  I had some trouble with debian/control at various
stages when I was experimenting and wonder whether that file will be
generated properly if names are messed with ind debian/rules.

- changing the default module configuration:  as long as certain modules
don't build after the kernel's patched, I'd like to ensure that they're
not included in suspend2 kernels.  Is it sufficient to change the files
in debian/configs/$ARCH/ and then run debian/rules updateconfigs?

- building restricted-modules:  looking at the source package for
linux-restricted-modules it seems as though all that needs to happen to
let that package build is to change kernel_abi_version.  IS that right?
And do you have an automated way of doing that and building the linux
meta packages that install both the image and the restricted modules?

Lots of questions, I know.  Thanks,


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