Suspend2 isn't invasive.

Matt Price matt.price at
Thu Nov 30 16:43:17 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-29-11 at 22:33 -0800, Scott Robinson wrote:
> Might I interject here and point at a document I have started preparing:
> If we want to improve the suspend process, there are far better places
> to start than adding suspend2 patches. Nigel, am I mistaken in asserting
> that the kernel patches do not fundamentally change the sleep/hibernate
> itself.. but rather add a richer capabilities like encryption and
> compression?
> Adding some sanity to our current infrastructure would be a start.
> Harmonizing policy and reducing differences from upstream.

Scott, this is great and for me at least a very welcome project.  

I would  very much like to see the whole power-management stack not only
rationalized, but (again) made as implementation-agnostic as possible.
I guess this means adding suspend2 support to acpi-support? 

> Comprehensive analysis of the acpi-support vs. suspend's hibernate
> script actions would also be a great effort. It could potentially
> improve both scripts. (I have started on this and would be happy to
> share some of my work.)

I would definitely be interested in this.  One reason to use hibernate
is the ease of configuration the script provides -- it would be great if
ubuntu's native scripts had a similar capacity.
> (Me, I dream of a sleep -> hibernate automatic timeout.)
> What I'm saying is, there is a lot of work that could be done on the
> current infrastructure. And if interested people can make some progress
> there, then I'm sure arguments for including suspend2 patches would
> likely be considered a bit more...
I'm glad to see this happening.  I know that Bernard Blackham, the
hibernate author, is interested in assisting in this effort though I
also know he's very busy.  anyway I find this exciting.


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