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Ozgur Karatas okaratas at
Wed Nov 29 17:23:17 GMT 2006

please do not argue about this subject on this list. the link below
belongs to a turkish news site and it says there an investigation has
opened about ubuntu. however, ubuntu has nothing to do with this. they
only know it wrong and these mistakes are bad for ubuntu. this may
dishonour ubuntu's name in turkey. at the link below ubuntu's is described
as kurdish linux. nobody knows ubuntu is a universial system.

Ozgur Karatas
Ubuntu User

> Well, Kurds did, and probably does, improve Ubuntu, since they
> translated it...
> Also, I believe you've got things all wrong. Neither wikinews, nor
> actually talks about Ubuntu, but Kurdish Linux [1], which is a Kurdish
> Ubuntu derivate, created by (most likely) Kurds.
> Personally, I need you to give me proof (as in, a single web page that
> say so, to begin with) that the Diyarbakir Attorney General is actually
> talking about Ubuntu, and not Kurdish Linux, before I think you should
> even consider requesting permissions from Ubuntu to sue anyone.


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