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Alien Technology French at
Wed Nov 29 13:17:43 GMT 2006

I don't want to tease you, sorry if you believe so, it was not my 
intention. I just told what I mind because it seems so small minded to 
come is this situation.
You will have all my support as community member to allow to make coming 
out that Ubuntu is not only kurdish, it is a worldwide project based on 
a very nice idea of what humanity is.

All ideas to help are welcome.

Ozgur Karatas a écrit :
> Hello,
> i don't know why you are teasing. we do what we can. the problem is that
> ubuntu is introduced as an os made by kurds. which, of course, is totaly
> wrong. ubuntu is a linux distro developed with the support from all over
> the world. that's why, i want to introduce ubuntu as it should be.
> Regards
>> I do not understand where is a problem : ubuntu is developed by any that
>> wants to contribute.
>> If there is no turkish translation avalable it is only because no
>> turkish people do the job.
>> If there are some idiots into this government, we have some too in
>> France that voted the DAVDSI law.
>> [joke] Perhaps they got few money from Redmond?
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> Ozgur Karatas
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