Archive frozen for Herd 1

Ian Jackson ian at
Wed Nov 29 12:45:36 GMT 2006

Tollef Fog Heen writes ("Archive frozen for Herd 1"):
> we're approaching Herd 1 release and the archive is frozen.  Uploads
> to universe will go through as normal (subject to a manual shove, but
> they will not require review).  Uploads to main will be held until the
> herd is released; if you upload something you think should be in,
> please tell me by email or on IRC («Mithrandir», as usual).

I don't know if fontconfig_2.4.1-2ubuntu2 made it in before the freeze
but it should probably be included:

fontconfig (2.4.1-2ubuntu2) feisty; urgency=low

  * Include 52-languageselector.conf in the lists in conf.d/ so
    that it actually gets installed and used.  Fixes LP 73714.
  * Reran automake (1.9.6+nogfdl-3).

 -- Ian Jackson <iwj at>  Wed, 29 Nov 2006 12:09:01 +0000

Without this, language-selector.conf isn't read and some localisations
get bad fonts.


PS: Forced Reply-To considered harmful.

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