Harddisk Encryption

Hervé Fache Herve at lucidia.net
Tue Nov 28 18:37:58 GMT 2006

I can't agree more. Who installs Ubuntu? Who install any OS? Not my
parents! They go to the shop and the thing they buy is installed and

So by newbie, we really mean enthousiasts who are ready to install an
OS all by themselves, not computer illiterates. I mean, they will
already need to know what a partition is, won't they? Think my parents
know what a partition is?

To crown it all, if the thing is well developed, the user will only
have a tick in The Installer, and maybe some nice tools to
import/export the key, not rocket science is it?

To put it to the user, we can take the metaphore of the key to enter
their house: "No/wrong key, no access! Make a copy of the copy and
keep it safe."

Flames not welcome but accepted if telling BS ;-)

On 11/28/06, Jeremy Schoenhaar <jeremy at fam-schoenhaar.de> wrote:
> Now that I finally get a chance to reply... I see no reason that we
> should be offering an option in the installer to one group but not
> the other. If I am not mistaken Ubuntu is targeted at the migrator from
> windows and not at sysadmins/gurus. Most users DO know what encryption
> is, they may not know the ramifications of encrypting certian partitions
> ( which can be easily explained, without getting too far into depth ),
> but offering encryption at install time for advanced users/admins (who,
> generally know how to, encrypt partitions anyway) but not newbies (who
> only barely find google.com/linux in theyre first month) seems way out
> of league to me.
> More commentation is of course welcome though
> Jeremy Schoenhaar

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