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Tue Nov 28 19:20:55 GMT 2006

Op dinsdag 28-11-2006 om 16:37 uur [tijdzone -0200], schreef Hervé
> I can't agree more. Who installs Ubuntu? Who install any OS? Not my
> parents! They go to the shop and the thing they buy is installed and
> working.
> So by newbie, we really mean enthousiasts who are ready to install an
> OS all by themselves, not computer illiterates. I mean, they will
> already need to know what a partition is, won't they? Think my parents
> know what a partition is? 

You only need to know what a partition is if you want to do a dual boot
install or something similarly "advanced".

Actually, when the Ubuntu-be.org team goes to computer sales fairs to
promote Ubuntu, we try to find a complete newbie from the public (like,
someone who never installed Windows in his/her life), to install Ubuntu
on the demo-computer(s) that we can use from one of the hardware selling
booths at the fair.

It never fails to amaze them and the spectators that it's actually
easier than installing most of the software they paid 100s or 1000s of
euros for, but still includes so much software...  :-)

(OTOH, we also offer free on-site installation help to those newbies,
e.g. in case they have any installation problems.)

Jan Claeys

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