Feature Request - devscripts / checkbashisms should check for select construct

James Abley james.abley at volantis.com
Tue Nov 28 11:12:30 GMT 2006


This caught me out when testing some scripts prior to migrating to dash 
on Ubuntu 6.06. Anyone else think this is a good thing to have?

Basis of a patch below:

@@ -103,6 +103,7 @@
             my $match = '';
             my @bashism_regexs = (
                 '(?:^|\s+)function\s+\w+',     # function is useless
+               '(?:^|\s+)select\s+\w+',     # select is useless
                                              # should be '.', not 'source'
                 '(\[|test|-o|-a)\s*[^\s]+\s+==\s', # should be 'b = a'

That seems to be in keeping with the rest of the script, which just uses 
regular expressions rather than examining an AST.



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