Invitation to ubuntu developers

Tim Schmidt timschmidt at
Mon Nov 27 01:41:58 GMT 2006

On 11/26/06, Bryan Haskins <kingofallhearts999 at> wrote:
> That's just a temporary bug, Sure it would be bad if the drivers were
> defaulted now for the newbs. But, come on. If it's bad for a short while,
> that doesn't spoil everything. Plus, I'm not here to defend the binary
> drivers. I dislike them as well... just saying. If we draw people here with
> them. then educate them. The end result is better than doing nothing at all.
> Then we have more of an educated mass. And kill off some of the ideals of
> really needing ati and nvidias drivers.

Temporary for the last 2 years?!?!


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