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Sun Nov 26 15:30:31 GMT 2006

That's just a temporary bug, Sure it would be bad if the drivers were
defaulted now for the newbs. But, come on. If it's bad for a short while,
that doesn't spoil everything. Plus, I'm not here to defend the binary
drivers. I dislike them as well... just saying. If we draw people here with
them. then educate them. The end result is better than doing nothing at all.
Then we have more of an educated mass. And kill off some of the ideals of
really needing ati and nvidias drivers.

On 11/26/06, Tim Schmidt <timschmidt at> wrote:
> On 11/26/06, Bryan Haskins <kingofallhearts999 at> wrote:
> > I agree with what you and everyone else is saying in some respect... but
> at
> > what point does it just become too much? I'm as much of an OSS GPL
> Militiant
> > as the next guy (Just a fun term, meant nothing by it, I am one) But...
> the
> > reality is... most users install it. If only for the sake that a company
> > they know and *stupidly* trust made it. Even I did that when I switched.
> > First thing I saw on the forums. Oh boy! ATI makes drivers for Linux?
> Now
> > I'm set! Most users just jumping ship are like that. And we know that.
> > Ubuntu is not only about freedom, but making you feel comfortable... If
> it
> > means including one of the top modifications by default.. is that
> *really*
> > so bad?
> Yes.
> --tim

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