Invitation to ubuntu developers

Tim Schmidt timschmidt at
Sun Nov 26 15:26:05 GMT 2006

On 11/26/06, Bryan Haskins <kingofallhearts999 at> wrote:
> I agree with what you and everyone else is saying in some respect... but at
> what point does it just become too much? I'm as much of an OSS GPL Militiant
> as the next guy (Just a fun term, meant nothing by it, I am one) But... the
> reality is... most users install it. If only for the sake that a company
> they know and *stupidly* trust made it. Even I did that when I switched.
> First thing I saw on the forums. Oh boy! ATI makes drivers for Linux? Now
> I'm set! Most users just jumping ship are like that. And we know that.
> Ubuntu is not only about freedom, but making you feel comfortable... If it
> means including one of the top modifications by default.. is that *really*
> so bad?



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