Invitation to ubuntu developers

John Nilsson john at
Sun Nov 26 21:52:25 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 10:22 -0500, Bryan Haskins wrote:
> I say if it means saving a newb 3 days of trying to get things
> working, by having it packaged, and ready to go, with the general
> support install time programs receive, I ask you all, where is the
> harm, in saving a new user a little time.

The harm is in the message it sends to Nvidia and ATI. It's a clear
message that says, "ok don't worry guys we will take your proprietary
driver and do the work necessary to make them work for our users. Don't
you worry about open sourcing and all that." But the worst thing is that
the same message will go to every one else. "Don't worry about open
source, proprietary will do."

What we want is a situation where Intel, OGP or other hardware with open
source efforts "works out of the box", but where proprietary stuff is
just a little more hassle. We want AMD and Nvidia to loose customers
because of not having open source drivers.

Unless you guys hasn't noticed yet: Linux is making an impact. These
companies WANT to support Linux (neither ATI or Nvidia spends resources
on their Linux drivers for pure egalitarian reasons, they actually see
profit in it). We have the leverage to put pressure on them.


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