Non-opensource drivers

Kevin Perros kevin.perros at
Sun Nov 26 12:23:25 GMT 2006

I believe that the point is not to argue for or against insertion of
non-libre software. 

I believe that a distribution committed to libre-software should
maintain and *distribute as iso images*, a distribution containing only
free software. This should the primary target distribution and the
distribution containing the non-free stuff should be only a derivative
of the later.

Making a distibution that is articulated around non-free software will
lead, on the long term, to so many dependancies on the non-free stuff
that both versions of the distributions will vary enormously in

Major distributors like Mandriva, which contains an iso disributed
Mandriva-Free and a series of non-free are Free distributors because
there is an easy way to use the distribution : burn the CDs and go on.
Using a free Ubuntu is far more difficult : you must make a net install,
setup the good repositories, things that are far from newbie-friendly.

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