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On Nov 14, 2006, at 3:47 PM, Constantine Evans wrote:
> Forest Bond wrote:
> ...
>> These issues look like they may be better handled by filing bugs 
>> against the bash package on launchpad.  Anything that can be 
>> considered a deficiency can be filed as a bug, even missing features, 
>> configuration enhancements, etc.
> ...
> Will anyone actually look at these bugs though? There are quite a few
> old bugs in vim that are requests for configuration enhancements, and
> there aren't nearly enough people looking at them to actually make a
> decision. So as a result they just sit there, and increase the number 
> of open bugs.
> ...

Creating a specification is not an appropriate solution to the problem 
of a bug report not being looked at. If you want a change in behavior 
for software that Ubuntu takes from upstream (which is most of it), it 
is almost always best to discuss the issue with the developers of that 
particular project.

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