Constantine Evans constantine at
Tue Nov 14 23:47:00 GMT 2006

Forest Bond wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 10:34:20AM -0600, Steven Harms wrote:
>> If some people a bit more enlightened than me can take a look at https://
>> (
>> ubuntu/+spec/bashimprovement) and refine / throw anything else that is often
>> changed or should be changed, that would be great. 
> These issues look like they may be better handled by filing bugs against the
> bash package on launchpad.  Anything that can be considered a deficiency can be
> filed as a bug, even missing features, configuration enhancements, etc.
> You should file an individual bug for each issue; don't combine separate issues
> into a single bug.
> -Forest

Will anyone actually look at these bugs though? There are quite a few 
old bugs in vim that are requests for configuration enhancements, and 
there aren't nearly enough people looking at them to actually make a 
decision. So as a result they just sit there, and increase the number of 
open bugs.


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