Constantine Evans constantine at
Thu Nov 16 04:31:07 GMT 2006

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> Creating a specification is not an appropriate solution to the problem 
> of a bug report not being looked at. If you want a change in behavior 
> for software that Ubuntu takes from upstream (which is most of it), it 
> is almost always best to discuss the issue with the developers of that 
> particular project.

I ask because I want to close bugs in this rather annoying class of 
feature and defaults change requests, but I'm not sure about where I 
should direct the reporters, or whether they should be closed at all. 
Every source I refer to seems to be different - the Wiki tells me to 
reject them, and point the reporters to "an appropriate mailing list or 
a discussion forum" for defaults changes, and specs for feature 
requests. Some people in #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-devel have told me 
that they should be rejected, and others have told me that they are 
legitimate bugs with wishlist importance. From what I remember at, we would have rejected them there.

Should I be rejecting bugs like "Turn on syntax highlighting by default 
in vim" and directing the reporters elsewhere? It would certainly make 
me much happier.

Thank you,

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