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Tue Nov 14 15:20:52 GMT 2006

Sivan *,*

Perhaps something like /home/user/....../folder/file.png could be used just
so the user knows the file it is on.

Could something work out approximatly the amount of time left for the

Also, could you make it fully automated.  During a backup I left on
overnight, when I went to the machine in the morning I found a prompt asking
me to click ok to verify the backup.  Could this be set before you start the
backup so if you leave the backup running, when it is done, it is done?


On 11/14/06, Sivan Greenberg <sivan at> wrote:
> Hi Chris!
> Chris Budden wrote:
> >
> > Something I thought of whilst using hubackup today.
> > It could do with a way of showing the user what file it is backing up
> This should actually be apparent on the hubackup UI, although could use
> some improvements as when the file name is too long it will get cut to
> the right of the text label used to show which file is being worked on
> at a given moment.
> > at the moment, and how long is left.  I noticed that you can see what
> > file is being added to the archive if you use it via the terminal, but
> > something like an "Advanced" screen would be helpful.
> I have planned for this since I begun implementing hubackup - but I
> decided to drop it out since making a user wait for scanning the source
> location and it's sub folders seems just unfair, would you be willing to
> sacrifice the time that would be required in order to scan the source
> path (remember it might be even your entire home) just to be able to see
> how many files are left?
> Sivan
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