The Ubuntu Backup Team

Sivan Greenberg sivan at
Tue Nov 14 15:51:13 GMT 2006

Chris Budden wrote:
> Sivan *,*
> Perhaps something like /home/user/....../folder/file.png could be used 
> just so the user knows the file it is on.

File a bug in launchpad and add your suggestion there.
> Could something work out approximatly the amount of time left for the 
> backup.

I can't think of anything off-hand that would be as accurate as counting 
the source size (e.g. summing up file sizes recursively underneath the 
source path) , does anyone have a better suggestion?

> Also, could you make it fully automated.  During a backup I left on 
> overnight, when I went to the machine in the morning I found a prompt 
> asking me to click ok to verify the backup.  Could this be set before 
> you start the backup so if you leave the backup running, when it is 
> done, it is done?

This is a gain a bug report, rather then development discussion, please 
file as such in launchpad to get full attention and response.



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