UDF Filesystem as replacement to FAT*, ISO9660, and other Filesystems.

Florian Zeitz Florian.Zeitz at gmx.de
Sun Nov 12 10:11:39 GMT 2006

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Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> UDF stands for "Universal Disk Format", An implimentation of ISO/IEC
> 13346, and also known as ECMA-167 that is originally specified for
> DVD. UDF provides compatibility across different operating systems,
> and because of that,  it's quickly becoming the new international
> standard format for all types of data storage,
> UDF will be increasingly useful in the upcomming years, notably, the
> release of Blu-Ray Holographic Disk will use UDF, and it's
> accessibility is available on Windows Vista for both read+write
> access, this ensures total compatibility across other operating
> system, since Linux 2.6 support read+write already.
> I'm wondering, will UDF be a part of Feisty? I just hope the use of
> this format will have a +10 high priority points in this release..
> Regards,
> Joel

As you say yourself Linux 2.6 already has read and write support for
UDF. Ubuntu uses a Linux 2.6 kernel, so it has UDF support, thus UDF is
"a part of" Ubuntu since the beginning as far as I remember.
What else would you want?
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