UDF Filesystem as replacement to FAT*, ISO9660, and other Filesystems.

Joel Bryan Juliano joelbryan.juliano at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 09:47:05 GMT 2006

UDF stands for "Universal Disk Format", An implimentation of ISO/IEC
13346, and also known as ECMA-167 that is originally specified for
DVD. UDF provides compatibility across different operating systems,
and because of that,  it's quickly becoming the new international
standard format for all types of data storage,

UDF will be increasingly useful in the upcomming years, notably, the
release of Blu-Ray Holographic Disk will use UDF, and it's
accessibility is available on Windows Vista for both read+write
access, this ensures total compatibility across other operating
system, since Linux 2.6 support read+write already.

I'm wondering, will UDF be a part of Feisty? I just hope the use of
this format will have a +10 high priority points in this release..


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