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Fri Nov 3 20:34:15 GMT 2006

Hi Monty!

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 12:12:07PM -0800, Monty Taylor wrote:
> So who do I send a bug report to? I'm guessing that this is a MOTU
> problem, perhaps? Obviously I haven't quite ascended to that level
> yet, so I can't help directly, but I'd like to.

Yes, it falls under MOTU since it is a universe package.  No one has 
reported the issue yet[1], so feel free to open a bug in Launchpad.  If 
you're interested in preparing a patch for Dapper, please see the Ubuntu 
Security Update Procedures[2], though we don't usually do version 
upgrades, we just take security fix patches.  If you want to see 
wordpress 2.0.5 in Dapper, then you probably want to examine the 
backports policy[4].

(It looks like 2.0.5 just got into Debian unstable[3].)

> Then, past this particular issue, what's the general solution to this
> type of problem? Obviously part of the solution is getting involved,
> but as we all know that's a slow process. Do I just keep sending
> annoying emails until I can upload fixes? I hate bothering people...

In general, it's probably best to open a bug report.  From there, you 
can follow either the SUP, backport, or Stable Release Updates[5] 
procedures to see some movement on the issue.  :)

I hope that helps,


Kees Cook
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