tracking down bugs in debian/ubuntu

Monty Taylor monty at
Fri Nov 3 20:12:07 GMT 2006

Ok. I'm sure there is probably a process for this covered somewhere,
but I want to check on what the 'right' thing to do is.

I've got a server running a wordpress instance on Dapper. It's
currently sitting at 2.0.2. The latest wordpress is 2.0.5, which
contains at least two security related bugfix releases. (2.0.3 and
2.0.4) Wordpress itself seems to actually be managed by Debian, but
they show testing and unstable up to 2.0.4 at least, while we're still
on 2.0.2, which as I see it is a security issue.

So who do I send a bug report to? I'm guessing that this is a MOTU
problem, perhaps? Obviously I haven't quite ascended to that level
yet, so I can't help directly, but I'd like to.

Then, past this particular issue, what's the general solution to this
type of problem? Obviously part of the solution is getting involved,
but as we all know that's a slow process. Do I just keep sending
annoying emails until I can upload fixes? I hate bothering people...


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