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I received the following email from my girlfriend, and as a result I
registered a new spec in the hopes that her request can be implemented
in the future. It is closely relate to our bug # 1 so I cc'd
ubunu-devel, hoping that it was okay. I would love to get as much
feedback (and public "visibility") on this spec as possible.

I also requested feedback from Mr. Shuttleworth, thinking that he might
have ties to people from public domains (see below) and have a much
better understanding of what is involved.

The reason I am sending this to ubuntu-women (of which I am a member of)
is to get your thoughts on her complaints about Linux.

Here is the link to the spec:

and here is a copy of her email to me (also available at the spec):

[warning, long email follows]

"Dear Linux creators, improvers, and users,

I am writing this email to explain to my boy friend why I refuse to use
Linux instead of Microsoft in spite of my political support and
appreciation of Linux and my despise of Microsoft and Bill Gates. I
believe what I write here might help you formulate some strategies to
challenge the Microsoft monopoly and to turn more and more people into
Linux users.

I have to be upfront from the beginning that I am a computer dummy,
which means that once I learn how to use a computer program I want to
stick to it. I insist on using Microsoft in my computer simply because
Linux is not widely used in public domains such as libraries, government
offices, working places (offices), and universities. Although I live
together with a computer geek who is literally in love with Linux and
who is never tired of asking me whether I would like to try Linux at
least once, I still say "no" because I do not want to deal with using
two softwares in different settings (I can hardly use one). I sometimes
use my boy friend's computer, which works with Linux, and I usually get
lost because I do not know where to look for what. The point is that, if
Linux were used in the public domains mentioned above, I would easily
say, "Screw Microsoft, I am going to learn Linux and stick to it" (yes,
I have to stick to one thing). But I cannot use Linux at home, and then
use Microsoft at work and school. It is just too much for a computer
dummy like me! So what I suggest for you Linux "policy-makers" is that
if you want to spread Linux to the world, go from top to bottom, for
instance, from universities to students, or from cities (government
agencies) to citizens. This does not mean that you should forget about
individual Linux-lovers, but rather you should put more effort into
extending the public domains where Linux is the main language of computer."



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