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Daniel Nixon dan.nixon at
Thu Nov 2 04:10:28 GMT 2006

I also miss it. The user docs say that windows partitions should be
automatically available but if they're not, use system >
administration > disks. In my experience (5 - 10 dual booting machines
with existing fat32/ntfs partitions) they are _never_ available.

So that leaves us with system > administration > disks. Oh wait...

On 11/2/06, Jimmy Angelakos <vyruss at> wrote:
> Hi, I apologise if this has been brought up before.
> System -> Administration -> Disks was a GREAT utility for the novice /
> intermediate user. People were amazed at Ubuntu's user-friendliness
> compared to other distros and how simple it was to mount any partition.
> I just upgraded Dapper to Edgy and it was missing. Many people on
> have also noticed this and are complaining.
> I assume there was a good reason for removing this app? Quite a lot of
> us found this app very handy for quick fstab editing witout dropping to
> console (and many people don't even know how to do that). Somebody
> suggested installing "pysdm" but it's not on the default install and
> not in the default menu. Gparted does not have the same functionality
> and is "scarier" to newbies.
> I think this is clearly a regression and takes away ease of use. Do you
> agree?
> Many thanks,
> Jimmy
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