System -> Administration -> Disks

Jimmy Angelakos vyruss at
Thu Nov 2 03:55:36 GMT 2006

Hi, I apologise if this has been brought up before.

System -> Administration -> Disks was a GREAT utility for the novice /
intermediate user. People were amazed at Ubuntu's user-friendliness
compared to other distros and how simple it was to mount any partition.

I just upgraded Dapper to Edgy and it was missing. Many people on have also noticed this and are complaining.

I assume there was a good reason for removing this app? Quite a lot of
us found this app very handy for quick fstab editing witout dropping to
console (and many people don't even know how to do that). Somebody
suggested installing "pysdm" but it's not on the default install and
not in the default menu. Gparted does not have the same functionality
and is "scarier" to newbies.

I think this is clearly a regression and takes away ease of use. Do you

Many thanks,

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