Feedback on flight5 installation (root on lvm, boot loader name)

Enrico Zini enrico at
Sat Mar 25 22:07:01 GMT 2006


I tried to install Dapper Flight 5 on my laptop.  Here's some feedback
on the installation process:

 - The partition program allows me to assign root to a LVM volume, but
   later on installing LILO fails.  I then managed to have root on lvm
   working perfectly by copying kernel and initrd image into my non-lvm
   Debian Sid /boot directory and adding an entry to my existing grub.
   So, assigning root to a LVM volume has been really useful to me, only
   it could be a good idea to print a warning note when this happens and
   no /boot has been mounted on a normal partition.

 - I know it tries to install Grub instead of LILO, but the installation
   program (Italian version) mentions LILO instead of Grub pretty much
   everywhere (installation menu, error messages, progress bar).

 - I want an Italian system, but my keyboard is Taiwanese (same as a US
   keyboard).  When I say I'm Italian, however, the keyboard layout
   selection only shows "Italian" as the alternatives (which is fine),
   but with only one alternative it's nonobvious to know how to select
   another keyboard.  The dilemma is: if I press Enter on "Italiana",
   will it behave like a combo box prompting me for alternatives, or
   will it activate it and continue the installation (like pressing
   Enter in d-i usually do)?  Visually, it looks like a combo box (all
   the action buttons are in the bottom, so that menu item doesn't look
   like an action buttom), although it does something else.  With only
   one option listed, it's very hard to recognize it like a menu.

That's about it, besides some italian translations probably needing
fixes.  Really good work, my compliments!

I'm sorry I'm doing this all completely offline, and the best way I can
envision not to lose or forget this feedback is to send a message to the



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