Help in debugging from developers

Richard Kleeman kleeman at
Sat Mar 25 15:24:01 GMT 2006

I have had this (major) scsi bug outstanding for some months now:

I completely understand that my hardware is rare (but not unique as you 
will see in the bugreport) and so this isn't a high developer priority.

On the other hand it is a major frustration personally and is likely to 
prevent me from upgrading to dapper.

Recently I compiled a vanilla 2.6.16 kernel and installed it on both 
dapper and breezy on the same machine. The bug reported was MUCH more 
severe on dapper and in fact refused to boot with severe kernel error 
messages. Exactly the same error occurs with the latest standard dapper 

The error occurs just after the two scsi devices on the machine are 

So the question is: What has changed between breezy and dapper in the 
initialization procedure to cause this drastically different behavior? 
If it is the new udev triggering the kernel problem can someone suggest 
exactly how to figure out which command is causing this pathology? If I 
can isolate this command then I can report this to the kernel scsi list .

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