acer laptops

javier javiermon at
Mon Mar 20 23:33:07 GMT 2006


Acer is becoming a quite popular manufacture for laptops, and looking at the 
testing team, forums, etc I think many ubuntu users have this kind of 
laptops. In my own opinion, they are becoming popular because (at least in my 
country) they offer better hardware components (cpu, gpu, etc) for a more 
reasonable price than other companies.

Ubuntu support for this kind of laptops is completely driven by community 
(i.e. cannonical doesn't supply any of their laptop testing team one of this 
machines, as far as I'm aware). I'm also aware that acer gives hardware which 
isn't "right", i.e.: somehow broken and always needs some kind of 

I've recently found this page:
Which is a kernel module for adding some support for this laptops. I was 
wondering if this module could be added to dapper+1 since I think it would 
help having a better linux experience for acer users.


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