fai-kernels package

Guillaume Desmottes cass at skynet.be
Mon Mar 20 15:58:59 GMT 2006

Le lundi 20 mars 2006 à 00:45 +0100, Henning Sprang a écrit :
> > 4) cfengine segfault, I think it is a problem of the ubuntu package. But
> > it isn't very important, client works without "scripts/FAIBASE/40-misc"
> Is this the only cfengine script that segfaults? Which version of
> cfengine is oin your nfsroot? (I have some vague idea that there was a
> problem with cfengine 2 scripts, so if Ubuntu doesn't have cfengine 1
> anymore, we might not be able to make a decent FAI for Ubuntu until we
> managed the transition to cfengine 2.

It's a bug in cfengine Dapper package:

There is a workaround to fix it. It will be good than it's fixed for the


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