non-root can't access dv device

Scott James Remnant scott at
Sat Mar 18 12:14:05 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 19:48 +0100, Duncan Lithgow wrote:

> One problem (since breezy) is that only root can do any capture
> (export is borged too, but that's another story). Anyone else gets the
> error: "WARNING: raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failure to
> read/write /dev/raw1394!" I've checked /dev/raw1394 and the disk group
> has rw permissions, adding my normal account to the disk group doesn't
> help. 
The error message is misleading, the fact the device exists means the
module has been loaded correctly by udev.  The real "error" is that the
permissions do not allow ordinary users to write to the device.

The problem is that the raw IEEE1394 device is literally just that; raw
access to the IEEE1394 stack!  This means that anyone with write access
to that device can access any device connected to the Firewire port, and
because of the nature of Firewire, they may execute arbitrary code on
the host system as root!

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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