Firefox and the `you have chosen to open ...' dialogue

John Augustine jaugustine at
Wed Mar 8 17:27:41 GMT 2006

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Firefox and the `you have chosen to open ...' dialogue"):
>> I would really like to have an idea of how many people find the new
>> behaviour better.  This is supposed to be a useability improvement.
>> If in practice it confuses and annoys people then we should revert it;
>> if the benefits are marginal then reverting it because of these
>> security fears seems reasonable.
> Thanks to everyone who replied.  No-one has come out strongly or
> clearly in favour of the current behaviour, so I am going to revert
> it.  I'll leave the code in there so that we can change our mind
> easily (and so you can set it yourself in about:config) but I will
> change the default.
> I agree that making the dialogue be a gnome program selector would be
> a good idea but I don't plan to try to implement that myself and it's
> rather late in the release cycle anyway.
> Ian.
Is this regarding the new method for downloading files?

Previously you could select whether to save or open the file, but now I
can't seem to get it to save by default and have to
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