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Sebastian Ivan sebastian.ivan at ubuntu.ro
Mon Mar 6 09:01:42 GMT 2006

 I have done a web interface in php starting from where DDTS (defects) are
sent by mail to the DDTS server; runs well in our intranet (can send
screenshots if you are interested)
 is fast, simple and can be organized on mysql tables (mine is not) if the
products are changing a lot.
 there are lots of DDTS applications (servers) including Open Source ones to
be used a Depot for defects.
 all this is done considering that the user that submits a bug knows a bit
more the architecture of the OS, the product or application or where to file
the bug in.
Pro: the loading of developers is much reduced and creates better workflow.
Contra: lots of users don't know how/where to file the bug.

In case a "unified" bug report interface shall be implemented I consider the
followings as
pro: bugs flooding (can be seen as contra)
- a dedicated person should read all bugs and file them per
- lots of duplicates
- not necessary bugs reported

 happy to participate in this domain as I think has one of the most

Best Regards
Sebastian Ivan
Comunitatea Ubuntu Romania

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> Hello,
> I think it should be very easy to submit bugs. At the moment people have
> to make a lot of decisions, is the bug already submitted, what module is
> the bug in.
> For new users this is very frustrating, and the bug may never be
> submitted.
> Instead I propose a layered system, where new users can just
> write what bug they have found - no strings attached.
> When the bug is filed, we should have a good interface for
> bug-categorisers, that look at new bugs, they search for duplicates, and
> make sure that new information is added to real bugs.
> This way we can be sure that some otherwise unknown bugs sees the light,
> and that we have an overview of how serious a current bug is. That is how
> many people it is affecting.
> Thoughts?
> Lean Fuglsang
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