Easy to submit bugs

Lean Fuglsang lean-gmane at omnia.dk
Sat Mar 4 12:39:16 GMT 2006

I think it should be very easy to submit bugs. At the moment people have
to make a lot of decisions, is the bug already submitted, what module is
the bug in.
For new users this is very frustrating, and the bug may never be
Instead I propose a layered system, where new users can just
write what bug they have found - no strings attached.
When the bug is filed, we should have a good interface for
bug-categorisers, that look at new bugs, they search for duplicates, and
make sure that new information is added to real bugs.

This way we can be sure that some otherwise unknown bugs sees the light,
and that we have an overview of how serious a current bug is. That is how
many people it is affecting.


Lean Fuglsang

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