Tracker in Edgy?

David Nielsen david at
Thu Jun 29 16:28:59 BST 2006

tor, 29 06 2006 kl. 16:14 +0100, skrev Jamie McCracken:

> Tracker will be better integrated in Gnome in the near future with 
> Rhythmbox (using tracker to find music files and smart playlists) and 
> Epiphany (using Tracker's first class bookmarks/history objects) 
> integrating with it

That sounds ace, now if it could index tomboy notes as well it would
really make my day.

> Other areas that could benefit include making the gnome panel ask it for 
> applications instead of parsing 1000's of .desktop files at startup to 
> populate its menus (this would significantly increase the speed of the 
> panel)

Jamie you are my new hero!

- David Nielsen

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