Tracker in Edgy?

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Thu Jun 29 16:51:31 BST 2006

David Nielsen wrote:
> tor, 29 06 2006 kl. 16:14 +0100, skrev Jamie McCracken:
>> Tracker will be better integrated in Gnome in the near future with 
>> Rhythmbox (using tracker to find music files and smart playlists) and 
>> Epiphany (using Tracker's first class bookmarks/history objects) 
>> integrating with it
> That sounds ace, now if it could index tomboy notes as well it would
> really make my day.

Its on my to do list.

The optimal solution is to get Tomboy (at least optionally) to store its 
notes in tracker's db (anything in the DB is auto indexed without the 
need to write any code!) rather than indexing externally like Beagle does.

This is even more important for bigger things like emails as if they 
were stored in tracker's db it would save tons of disk space. (1GB of 
emails would take about 1.2GB in tracker's database (the index size is 
about 20%-25% of the size) compared to 1GB mbox file + 1GB of text + 
0.2GB of indexes if done externally)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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