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Wed Jun 21 12:12:36 BST 2006

Yes. I'm talking about some software that will allow me to create
linux-based local networks with central desktop management.
Each boot computer gets policy from some server and apply it.

For example i should be allowed to restrict wallpaper change, or mounting
flash drives. And so on.

2006/6/21, Ivan Krstic <krstic at>:
> dave kempe wrote:
> > There was a discussion and specification on ubuntu-server regarding such
> > an idea. It might be best to take that there. Check the archives for the
> > people involved.
> This was the Ubuntu "express server" idea, which does not fully address
> what Corporate Ubuntu Tools, as proposed, would. The express server idea
> allowed for easy installation of themed servers (mail server, LDAP
> server, etc), and we're actually addressing that right now via the
> revive-tasksel spec. What Victor seems to want are actual desktop tools
> and applets.
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