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Mon Jul 31 11:15:08 BST 2006

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* Sebastien Bacher:
> Le lundi 31 juillet 2006 à 10:00 +0100, Matthew East a écrit :
>> I'll add my use-case to this - I organise my photos by directory too,
>> and gthumb is the only program out of the three (EOG, Gthumb and f-spot)
>> that suits me for this. I think this is likely to be a quite common
>> situation, and if so there might be an argument for waiting for f-spot
>> to deal properly with this use case before including it by default.
> Some users probably organize photos by directory because they have no
> software making easy to browse them other way. Usually if you use a
> directory for some event, your holidays, etc, sorting them by timestamp
> as f-spot does make it "just work". Note that you can add a tag to all
> the photos of a directory when you import it

That may be true, but in my case it isn't, because many of my photos
don't have timestamps (some do, some don't). Equally, I know that many
people don't set the time on their camera so get erroneous timestamps.

I'm confident that sorting photos by directory is a common use case. And
f-spot does have an "Arrange by folder" functionality, it is just very
basic at the moment.
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